Academic Honesty Workshop

Students learn to avoid plagiarism, cite sources, and Wentworth's plagiarism policy.

Students will have the opportunity to learn how to succeed at Wentworth from day 1 Through the Academic Honesty Workshop, students will learn how to avoid plagiarism in all courses in the span of a few weeks via our online learning platform, Blackboard. (Instructions for accessing Blackboard.) The workshop is broken down into three sections:

  • Policy, an overview of Wentworth's Academic Honesty Policy
  • Quotation, avoid intentional and accidental plagiarism
  • Citation, proper attribution of source material

The workshop is designed to take a month to complete if done at 2 hours per week.  Following completion, students will receive feedback from Wentworth professors on their work.

For any additional questions, please contact JoJo Jacobson at For any help with Blackboard, please see the help site.