Branding Guidelines


This guide provides a summary of the visual identity system for the Wentworth Institute of Technology. It outlines the framework for logo standards, typography, and color, and provides examples of the system in use. These guidelines will help you create materials that are distinct and recognizable, visually positioning Wentworth as an important and respected educational institution. Use these components to produce institute-branded communications when representing Wentworth in an official capacity. External communications should be reviewed with Marketing and Communications in advance by emailing

For additional questions, please reach out to the Marketing and Communications department.

NOTE: Wentworth's rebranding is a work-in-progress. Check back for updates including; department logos, a secondary color palette, additional typefaces, employee resources such as PowerPoint presentations and much more.

Branding Guidelines

Please download and review the official Wentworth Branding Guidelines before using WIT's new graphic assets.

Our New Brand Identity

With the help of two leading Boston creative agencies—Small Army and Stoltze—and stakeholders throughout the Wentworth community, the following brand positioning statement (referred to as the Moral of the Story by Small Army) was developed:

"The sooner you take action, the sooner you can improve your world."

The following paragraph further illuminates Wentworth’s brand story:

It’s what you do right now that defines our future—that’s the code we live by at Wentworth. It’s why we dive into our work, headfirst. When others see a setback, we see an opportunity. We have a relentless impatience with the world’s problems, never waiting to take action and create anew. It’s a mindset that sets us apart and drives us forward. And when it comes to improving our world- The University of Now is where it all begins.

The University of Now is our new tagline, which will be paired with our new logo. In addition, Wentworth’s official seal has been updated and will remain an important brand element for the university. Together, this brand imagery—with words, videos, music, photography, and graphic elements—captures Wentworth’s unique active-learning model.

You can learn more about the development of our new brand identity here.

Primary Logo

The official logo is composed of the Wentworth Institute of Technology wordmark and the Onward Upward “w.” The Wentworth wordmark uses a modified version of IBM Plex sans, which is also used for the Institute of Technology subtext.

The Wentworth wordmark in black with a red upward and onward W logo

Gradient Logo

The red “w” logo is the primary logo to use in most applications. There is a secondary logo where the Onward Upward “w” appears in yellow, orange, and red.


Logo on Dark Background

A version of the logo with white type and yellow “w” may be used in instances where the black type isn’t legible. The primary red logo may also be used on dark backgrounds where appropriate.

2 examples of the wentworth wordmark in white, and logo in yellow and red

The University of Now

The University of Now lockup can be used when on promotional materials and during advertisement campaigns.


The Official Wentworth "W" Logo and Wordmark paired with The University of Now Slogan


  • Download THE UNIVERSITY OF NOW Lockup: PNG | EPS | SVG

The Shield

The Wentworth shield should only be used as a formal identifier and it should not be the primary logo to appear on documents. The Wentworth shield should appear in full color, or as one color in black or white.


The shield logo in black with red accents and 3 yellow leopards


  • Download The Wentworth Shield: PNG | EPS | SVG

The Seal

Our official seal is an important part of our history. It will be used in various ways across the campus to convey our origins, stability, and experience. The surrounding type is set in IBM Plex Sans to match Wentworth’s logo lockup.

The shield logo in all black encircled by the worlds "wentworth institute of technology"

  • Download The Wentworth Seal: PNG | EPS | SVG

The Leopard

The mascot logo conveys our sense of school spirit. It will be used in light-hearted ways across campus to bring our community together. The leopard logo can appear on its own or within the Wentworth Seal. It will not replace the athletic fighting leopard.

An image of a yellow leopard outlined in black and the same leopard encircled by "wentworth institute of technology"

Color Palette

Wentworth's primary palette is as follows. Please refer to the Branding Guidelines for information on usage.

Wentworth's official red color swatch

PMS: 185
CMYK: 5 / 100 / 100 / 0
RGB: 227 / 31 / 38
HEX: E31f26



Wentworth's official orange color swatch

PMS: 151 ​
CMYK: 0/ 67 / 100/ 0
RGB: 244 / 117 / 33
HEX: F47521​



Wentworth's official yellow color swatch

PMS: 123 ​
CMYK: 0 / 30 / 100 / 0
RGB: 253 / 185 / 19



Wentworth's official black color swatch

CMYK: 40 / 30 / 20 / 100
RGB: 0 / 0 / 0
HEX: 000000



Wentworth's official metallic silver color swatch
Metallic Silver

PMS: 877 ​
CMYK: 0/ 0 / 0 / 40
RGB: 167 / 169 / 172




Wentworth's primary typeface is IBM Plex Sans. The IBM Plex family has been built out to include condensed, mono and serif versions that can be used alongside the sans version to create visual hierarchy or emphasis.

NOTE: While the font family Exo 2 and Slab Serif are still in use on this website, it is on track to be updated to reflect our new branding in 2020. 



In web applications, IBM Plex Sans is still used for titles and headers, but Open Sans is the primary font used for body text, subheads, captions, and navigation text.