Biomedical Engineering Laboratories

Biomedical EngineeringThe Biomedical Engineering department has three labs in the Center for Sciences and Biomedical Engineering: the Biomedical Instrumentation and Medical Devices lab (BMIL), the Bioelectronics & Biofluids lab (BEFL), and the Biomedical Engineering Project lab (BEPL). Several medical devices used in clinical diagnosis, therapy, research and development are housed in these labs in support of several lab-based courses in the biomedical engineering program. The devices in BMIL include biomedical electrical safety analyzers, heart rate and blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, electronic stethoscopes, ECG monitors, telemetry and nurse call systems, External Pacemakers, Defibrillators, AED’s, Neonatal and Transport Incubators, Electrolyte and Blood Gas Analyzers, Automated Blood Cell Counters and Patient Monitors as well as a collection of several special purpose simulators.  BEFL has several medical electronic sensors and signal processing units, Biological work tables, Centrifuges, microtome, cryostat, and Infusion Pumps.  Both BMIL and BEFL include general test and calibration equipment and provide access to commonly-used engineering software and specialized biomedical software. BEPL is designed for final year students to work on their senior interdisciplinary projects