Financial Aid for Study Abroad


Colosseum in Rome

Financial Aid can be used to help pay some of the costs of Study Abroad depending on your trip. Contact Kimberly Tibbetts,  Associate Director, Financial Aid, for more information.

Can I receive Financial Aid while studying abroad?

Yes, you can receive Financial Aid while Studying Abroad, however what type of aid you are eligible to receive depends on the Study Abroad Program you are participating in.


Faculty Led Travel Programs

 -Eligible for full aid (federal, state, and institutional)

-Eligible for Increase to Cost of Attendance based on Study Abroad Fees

-No additional steps needed to receive Financial Aid

Exchange Programs

-Eligible for full aid (federal, state and institutional)

-Eligible for increase to Cost of Attendance based on Study Abroad Fees

-No additional steps needed to receive Financial Aid

Third Party Programs

-Not eligible for Wentworth or state aid

-Eligible for federal aid/ alternative loans

-Will need to fill out a Consortium agreement to receive federal aid

Study Abroad Deposit

Students who are approved to participate in Wentworth study abroad programs are required to make their deposits online. The payment gateway accepts all major credit cards and ACH payments.

Students who wish to apply for additional loan funds to cover the deposit(s) will receive a refund made directly to them once the loan is approved and disbursed. Refunds will no longer be applied directly to the students study abroad deposit, rather, the student will receive a refund through the Institute’s normal refund process for their loan and they will then be responsible for making the study abroad deposit payment. Depending on the timing of the loan approval and the actual disbursement, refunds may not be available to meet the specific study abroad deposit deadlines. In this case, it is the student’s responsibility to make his/her deposits through the designated website by the deadline, and then receive a refund reimbursement once the loan funds are available. 

See the main Study Abroad page for specific programs and options.