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College of Arts and Sciences: Registration Information

Below is information that may be helpful during the registration period.

  • Before registration opens, contact your advisor for your RAC numbers/PIN number.
  • For credit overloads, see your department chair.
  • How to Search for Courses 
  • Wentworth contact information can be found in the Faculty/Staff Directory.  For questions regarding:
    • CAS registration assistance contact Lisa Manness.
    • Transfer and AP credit contact Dan Roark in the Student Service Center. 
  • Day students are required to complete a minimum of 20 Humanities and Social Science (HSS) credits as described below:
  • One Social Science requirement (courses with HSS Elective: Social Science attribute)
  • One Humanities requirement (courses with HSS Elective: Humanities attribute) 
  • Remaining HSS credit in Social Science OR Humanities courses (courses with HSS Elective: Humanities attribute or HSS Elective: Social Science attribute)

  • If a major has a Directed HSS Elective (noted by Directed HSS attribute) this Directed HSS Elective will satisfy one of the required Social Science or Humanities requirements as noted by HSS Elective Attribute.

Completing only Humanities or only Social Science courses will not fulfill the Humanities and Social Science graduation requirement.  

HSS registration selection is determined based on previous HSS requirement completed.