Studio Culture

Since the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in the eighteenth century, architecture schools have developed a special way of teaching design within the studio setting. Studios are working places where students spend a significant amount of time developing their design projects with professors and other students, often creating a vibrant learning environment, a sense of community, long-term professional relationships, and lasting friendships. The creation of a positive and respectful working and learning environment has been an integral part of Wentworth’s educational model since the Institute’s founding. The Department of Architecture has been continually developing its guiding principles since 2005. Based on discussions with the studio culture committee that are ongoing and feedback from a recent survey, it is clear that Wentworth's original policy remains vibrant and relevant to students, faculty, and staff. More than a policy document, studio culture at Wentworth is a set of values shaping a productive environment within which the academic and civic growth of students and faculty occurs.

For more information related to studio culture, please make sure to review the Studio Culture Policy and the Architecture Studio Guidelines