Architectural Studies Minor

The Department of Architecture offers a Minor in Architectural Studies open to students enrolled in all other departments at Wentworth. The course sequence includes two classes in architectural history and three with a focus on technology. The history courses introduce students to the masterpieces of architecture across several millennia through lectures and assignments that concentrate on analytical sketching and critical writing. In the technology courses, students focus on site design concepts and environmental building strategies. They study methods for achieving visual, thermal, and acoustical comfort in buildings using climate, form, orientation, materials, and structure. The Minor in Architectural Studies exposes students to the fundamentals and complexities of the built environment, an area of expertise relevant for many professions and careers. 

To earn the minor, the student must complete the following five courses in this order:

Fall I Semester

  • ARCH2100, History / Theory 01 (4-credits) 
  • ARCH2200, Technology 01 (4-credits) 

Summer Semester 

  • ARCH2600, History / Theory 02 (4-credits) 
  • ARCH2700, Technology 02 (4-credits) 

Fall II Semester

  • ARCH3200, Technology 03 (4-credits) 

Total credits for minor: 20