Master of Architecture FAQs

What architecture graduate programs are offered at Wentworth?

Wentworth’s NAAB-accredited professional programs offer three tracks:

  • The one-year Master of Architecture degree curriculum provides an intensely focused program of study for students who have successfully completed the Bachelor of Science in Architecture at Wentworth.
  • The two-year Master of Architecture degree curriculum provides a graduate-level course of study for students who have successfully completed a four-year NAAB-based Bachelor of Science in Architecture at another institution. The degree is typically completed in four semesters, contingent upon the department's evaluation of prior coursework. 
  • The three-year Master of Architecture degree curriculum provides a graduate-level course of study for students who have successfully completed a four-year Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in a discipline other than architecture.

How many students and faculty are in the department of architecture? 

The architecture program maintains an enrollment of approximately five hundred students with nineteen full-time faculty members who are engaged in practice and scholarly research. They are complemented by highly respected adjunct professors drawn from Boston’s professional practices.

How do students get to be a licensed architect? 

To become licensed, students must first complete a course of study in a NAAB-accredited degree program (the one-year, two-year and three-year Master of Architecture degrees qualify). They then complete the Architectural Experience Program (AXP), which involves 3,740 hours of qualified work experience. All Wentworth students enroll in AXP during the course of their studies and may accrue credits during their co-op placements. Graduates of the Master of Architecture program may sit for the Architecture Registration Examination (ARE) following graduation. Upon passing this examination and completing AXP requirements, they are granted licenses to practice architecture.

What are employment opportunities for Wentworth graduates? 

Graduates of Wentworth benefit from a strong reputation among employers in both the public and private sectors. Their work experience ranges from single-family residences to complex facilities in the fields of health, education, industry, and commerce. In addition to rewarding careers in architecture, graduates also work in public planning agencies, real estate development offices, construction firms, university architecture offices, and corporations. An architecture degree can provide the foundation to other career paths in education, landscape architecture, urban design, graphic design, development, construction, among many other creative fields.

What is the process of being accepted into the Master of Architectures programs? 

Students graduating from Wentworth’s Bachelor of Science in Architecture program who achieve a cumulative GPA of at least 3.2 at the end of their junior year qualify for Automatic Acceptance into the one-year Master of Architecture program. For all other one-year students and two- and three-year students, acceptance is based on a portfolio evaluation by department faculty, cumulative GPA, a statement of objectives, and references. See the specific Master of Architecture program links for more information.

Is a portfolio required for admission? 

With the exception of students who have been automatically accepted into the Master of Architecture program, all other students must submit a digital portfolio as part of the admissions process. Portfolios should contain work that demonstrates your proficiency in architecture and reflects the full range of your creative, research and technical skills. See the Portfolio Recommendations link for more information.

What are the merit-based award opportunities for admitted students?

All students, regardless of their citizenship status, are eligible for the following merit-based awards, based on their completed application materials, if submitted by the application priority deadline of February 15: 

  1. Merit fellowships: Students are awarded merit fellowships based on their incoming GPA and overall application. These awards are applied to tuition charges only, and divided evenly between the fall and spring semesters. Awards have ranged from ten to thirty percent of tuition cost.
  2. Section Leader awards: Students with an incoming GPA of 3.2 or higher are awarded a Section Leader position, and are eligible to receive a stipend to work alongside our distinguished faculty assisting with teaching and/or research.

Does the architecture program include co-op work experience? 

The two-year and three-year Master of Architecture programs include an optional co-op work experience in the summer preceding the final year of study. Students gain valuable professional experience and often find work that relates to their personal areas of interest. Many of the contacts made through the co-op program lead to job offerings upon graduation. See the Cooperative Work Experience link for more information.

What are the options for study abroad?

The Master of Architecture program includes an experiential learning component as part of ARCH9000: Special Topics Studio. The fall semester begins with a ten-day trip for each studio as part of the ongoing research and design work of the course. The travel experience is integrated into the learning goals of the studio, and projects are typically based in the visited city. Recent destinations have included: Benin, Bali, Istanbul, Lisbon, London, New England, New Orleans, Oslo, Paris, Rome, Seattle, Shanghai, and Venice.

Are students required to bring computers with them?

All undergraduate and graduate architecture students are supplied with a laptop that is equipped with an extensive software suite, including many of the most current digital drawing, graphics, and modeling programs. This software is integrated throughout the curriculum. The cost of the laptop is built into tuition and students keep it after graduation.