Architecture FAQs

What resources are available to architecture students?

The architecture program at Wentworth embraces the art of making. To that end, the curriculum promotes research and design that draws links between conceptual frameworks and an advanced understanding of the tangible characteristics of architecture. The program provides students with a studio space and a personal desk each semester where they work and store their projects and materials. Students also have access to a full wood-shop and a digital fabrication lab, which includes laser cutters, 3D printers, a CNC machine, and a KUKA PRC robotic arm. Printers and color plotters are also available in the studio spaces and around campus.

What architecture programs are offered at Wentworth?

The department of architecture offers a four-year, pre-professional Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree followed by a one-year Master of Architecture degree for those who completed their undergraduate architecture degree at Wentworth. The department also offers a two- and three-year degrees for students applying from other undergraduate programs. See the Master of Architecture link for more information.

What are the differences between these two programs?

All first-year undergraduate architecture students enroll in the pre-professional Bachelor of Science in Architecture program when they enter Wentworth. Graduates of this program may work in firms, apply to continue their studies in Wentworth’s Master of Architecture program, or pursue graduate studies in architecture or related fields at other institutions. The one-year Master of Architecture is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). Combined with relevant work experience, this degree provides the credentials to pursue professional registration. Students may apply for admission to this one-year program during the fourth year of the pre-professional program.

How many students and faculty are in the department of architecture?

The architecture program maintains an enrollment of approximately five hundred students with nineteen full-time faculty members who are engaged in practice and scholarly research. They are complemented by highly respected adjunct professors drawn from Boston’s professional practices.

Are students required to bring computers with them?

First-year undergraduate architecture students are supplied with an Apple MacBook Pro laptop that is equipped with an extensive software suite, including many of the most current digital drawing, graphics, and modeling programs. This software is integrated throughout the curriculum. The cost of the laptop is built into tuition and students keep it after graduation.

Is software knowledge required?

Knowledge of two-dimensional and three-dimensional software is not required, although basic computer literacy is expected. The department encourages students to take a comprehensive approach to learning software and to develop fluency in a wide range of programs. Students start learning two-dimensional and three-dimensional software at Wentworth during the first year and continue to use it extensively throughout their education.

Is freehand drawing or drafting experience required?

No prior experience with drawing is required, since Wentworth’s curriculum teaches students to produce exceptional hand drawings during the first semester. High school classes in art or freehand sketching provide an excellent preparation for these skills, and the department encourages students to enroll in such courses where possible.

What is the process for determining transfer credit granted for courses taken at another college?

Transfer credits are not accepted for courses with the “ARCH” prefix. Upon acceptance to the department of architecture, students must forward official transcripts to the admissions office to complete the admissions process. The transfer officer will then post transfer credits awarded for non-architecture coursework.

Is a portfolio required for admission?

A portfolio is not required for entry to the undergraduate architecture program. All accepted first-year architecture students enroll in the four-year, pre-professional Bachelor of Science in Architecture program. In first-year studios, students develop electronic portfolios. In the second year, students are trained in preparing a professional portfolio in preparation for their first of two cooperative work experiences. These occur in the second and third years and offer chances to work in professional settings. See the Cooperative Work Experience (Co-op) link for more information. At the end of the four-year, pre-professional program, students who wish to continue into the one-year Master of Architecture program must submit a digital portfolio as part of the admissions process. See the Master of Architecture link for more information.

What are the program concentrations?

During the second year, students have the opportunity to focus their educational interests by choosing one of three academic concentrations: Adaptive Interventions, Emerging Technologies, and Urbanism. Concentrations and their curricula are explained under the Bachelor of Science in Architecture link.

What is the process of being accepted into the one-year Master of Architecture program for students from Wentworth's undergraduate program?

Admission to the one-year Master of Architecture degree program is competitive. Entrance is based on academic performance and a strong portfolio of work. Faculty members carefully examine portfolios and grades to determine which applicants are accepted. See the Master of Architecture link for more information.

What are the options for study abroad?

The department of architecture offers a full-semester study abroad program for undergraduate students, based in Berlin, Germany. These programs allow students to continue their regular degree program while living and studying abroad. Study abroad is open to students in their fourth year. Participation is by application. The program accepts a limited number of students and is selective. Students incur additional fees to participate. See the Undergraduate Study Abroad link for more information.

Does the architecture program include cooperative work experience?

The department of architecture requires all students to participate in two terms of co-op as part of the curriculum. Students gain valuable professional experience and often find work that relates to their personal areas of interest. Many of the contacts made through the co-op program lead to job offerings upon graduation. See the Cooperative Work Experience link for more information.

How do students get to be a licensed architect?

To become licensed, students must first complete a course of study in a NAAB-accredited degree program (Wentworth’s Master of Architecture degree qualifies). They then complete the Architectural Experience Program (AXP), which involves 3,740 hours of qualified work experience. All Wentworth students enroll in AXP during the course of their studies and may accrue credits during their co-op placements. Graduates of the Master of Architecture program may sit for the Architecture Registration Examination (ARE) following graduation. Upon passing this examination and completing AXP requirements, they are granted licenses to practice architecture.

What are employment opportunities for Wentworth graduates?

Graduates of Wentworth benefit from a strong reputation among employers in both the public and private sectors. Their work experience ranges from single-family residences to complex facilities in the fields of health, education, industry, and commerce. In addition to rewarding careers in architecture, graduates also work in public planning agencies, real estate development offices, construction firms, university architecture offices, and corporations. An architecture degree can provide the foundation to other career paths in education, landscape architecture, urban design, graphic design, development, construction, among many other creative fields.