Architecture Studio Guidelines

Studio Culture

The Architecture Department provides individual workspaces to freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and M.Arch students in Annex North. This privilege comes with guidelines to ensure the maximum benefit of these spaces for all students.

Studio culture is an essential component of learning to be an architect or design professional, and extends beyond the actual studio to all learning environments in the Architecture program. Only through respect between faculty and students, as well as students among themselves, can a healthy studio culture be fostered. The Department’s goal is to create a vibrant, inquisitive, safe and respectful studio atmosphere. All students are expected to uphold high standards of behavior and academic discipline when in the studio / classroom.  


The studios should be maintained in an orderly and clean manner.

  • All workspaces are to be cleared and returned to their original condition at the end of the semester.
  • All trash should be placed in either RECYCLING bins or TRASH containers at the end of each day. Please recycle whenever possible.
  • Large objects to be discarded that will not fit into trash containers should be placed next to containers and clearly labeled “trash”.
  • Avoid storing materials on the floor; use storage bins whenever possible.  Physical Plant will remove materials left on the floor on a regular basis. 
  • Individual workspaces may not be marred or in any way defaced. Reasonable effort should be made to maintain tables and desktops in good working condition. 
  • No materials should be permanently attached to walls, desks, or other surfaces, nor should any permanent writing or drawing be made on these surfaces.
  • All materials, digital and /or other, posted on screen savers and or walls, shall be of a professional nature and relevant to course work. Non-complying materials will be removed.
  • Food preparation equipment, including hot plates, microwave ovens, and similar appliances are not allowed in the studio.
  • Do not leave food of any kind out in studio.
  • When listening to music or audible material a headset must be used.
  • The Physical Plant requests we keep all windows in the office and studio closed so they can maintain the performance and efficiency of the air-conditioning system. If, for any reason, it is too cold or too hot tell us in the Architecture Office so we can pass along that information to the Physical Plant.
  • Please take precautions and secure all valuables in studio.  Also, take precaution when momentarily leaving your laptop/desk. The Architecture Department cannot take responsibility for students’ personal property in studio.

Health and Safety

Every effort shall be made to protect and maintain the health and safety of all students in the studios.

  • Never work alone in the studios after hours.  Consider using Public Safety’s escort service for late night departures. (617-989-4400)
  • Do not leave the doors to studio propped open.
  • Smoking, alcohol and controlled substances ARE NOT allowed in the studios, nor anywhere else on campus. Refer to the Wentworth Catalogue for detailed information on Institute policy.
  • Open flame of any sort IS NOT allowed in the studio spaces.
  • Personally owned furnishings (e.g. chairs), lights, extension cords, etc. must meet California’s fire safety standards as well as be UL listed to comply with fire code and insurance regulations. The Department of Public Safety may review these items and their locations in studio for code compliance.
  • No material shall be hung from light fixtures, ductwork, sprinkler systems, or the ceiling.
  • Power tools are not permitted in the studios, with the exception of hand drills and small rotary tools (Ex. Dremel Tools).
  • Tools in the carpentry lab are available to students after completing required training.
  • Use of aerosol adhesives, aerosol paints, solvents and other combustible liquids are prohibited in the building including studios, stairwells and labs.


Each studio is equipped with a telephone.  Phones are only for intra-campus use and for contacting the Department of Public Safety.  They are not for personal calls. Report broken phones immediately to the  Architecture Department office. Public safety numbers are as follows:

Emergency: (617) 989-4444
Business Line: (617)989-4400
Escort Services: (617) 989-4400

End of Term Studio Cleanup 

At the end of each term the Department Office will announce the deadline for students to move out of studio. Physical Plant staff will promptly remove and discard any materials left behind after the deadline.

The Architecture Department is not responsible for students’ personal property in studio.

Studio Monitors

Students will be selected to work as studio monitors at the beginning of each term.  Selection will be on a first-come, first-served basis of students who qualify for work-study.

It is the responsibility of the studio monitors to support the Studio Guidelines and the Studio Culture Policy.  In the event of a suspicious circumstance, or a situation with which a monitor does not feel comfortable, and in all cases of emergency, the monitor should contact the Department of Public Safety immediately at extension 4444 or 617-989-4444

At the beginning of each term, a current list of studio monitors is submitted to Public Safety.

The Studio Monitor’s primary responsibilities include:

  • Monitor the safety and welfare of fellow students.
  • Maintain order and the smooth functioning of studio.
  • Serve as a liaison between studio and the Architecture Department administration.
  • Become familiar with the Studio Guidelines and support compliance with them.
  • Monitors are required to be present in the studios for the duration of their shift.
  • At studio closing time, monitors should Announce Closing. If people remain after closing, call Public Safety and let them know. Close all windows. Encourage everyone to use the Escort Service.
  • The door into studio should not be kept ajar.  If there is a door function or card reader issue, please bring it to the attention of the Architecture Department or Public Safety.
  • Please cooperate with Public Safety Officers; they are there to help.