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A Message from Wentworth Admissions

Wentworth Institute of Technology stands for personal rights, for freedom of expression, inclusiveness, and compassion. The University encourages students and other members of its community to engage in the great issues of our time, to speak out and join others in peaceful, legal protests whenever and wherever they deem it appropriate.

These basic rights, protected at Wentworth and guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution, are applicable to any personal viewpoints held by any member of our community. 

To be clear, Wentworth’s policy on the free and peaceful expression of ideas in general is that no student applying to or attending the University will be judged or penalized in any manner or fashion for taking part in any organized action to peacefully address critical societal issues. This includes the intensifying national debate over firearms that we are experiencing now.

Wentworth applauds the young people across the country that have raised their voices and called on their government representatives for a solution to the scourge of violence in our culture.