Our Teams

 Startup Challenge Teams

Jay Pusateri (BSME ’19), Reean Faisal (BCOS ’19), Temour Raza (BSEE ’19)
A device to assist bartenders and monitor inventory.



Cranial Care
Cathleen Hallinan (BBME ’21), TBD
A protective sleeve to reduce skin irritation for infants with plagiocephaly.


Cameron Lagasse (BSCN ’20), Nicholas Paul (BSCN’ 20)
A cyber-security start-up that aims to centralize the ongoing threat of stolen credentials.

Bram Grooten (BSAM ’17), Scott Kauppinen (BCOT ’18), Adam Supino (BIND ’18) 
Provide a platform for people to help each other recognize songs, so they can also enjoy the music later on.

Jact Engineering
Anthony Amico (Gordon College '21), Christopher Boucher (BSME '21), Jason Cardinale (Everett HS '17), Timothy Ewing                                                                                  Creating a photochromic film that will counter glare from the sun in windshields to improve driver safety and awareness.



Mogahid Fadl (BSIS ’19), Bertrand Saint-Preux( BCOS ’19). 

medli is an application and device that allows you to increase the amount of people sharing and playing music at a get together, party, or anywhere music is heard.


OCC Youth Unleashed
Kyle Colon (West Roxbury HS ’17), Paul Joseph (UMass Amherst ’20), Devante Mathurin (Bunker Hill CC ‘19), Christopher Michel (BCOS ‘17) Robert Jr. Simon (UMass Darmouth’20)
A multi-purpose mobile application recruiting, engaging and retaining youth in community centers Boston.

Daniel Carnazza (BSME ’18), Joseph Schnackertz (BSM ’21), Steve Frazier (BSME ’18), Patrick Hopkins (BSME ’18), Jeff Castiglioni (BSME ’18)
Ridgway is a renewable energy start-up developing a unique type of heat engine that generates zero emissions electricity.