About Accelerate

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Why We Are Here – Spreading the Innovation Bug

Accelerate, Wentworth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center was formed in May 2012 with the idea to bring innovation + entrepreneurship skills to our students. Why? Because they are critical competencies in the 21st century and help individuals to iterate an idea, try oneself out, see the bigger picture, solve problems, network intentionally, and build confidence in taking risks for small projects and big ideas.

We thought the best way to do this would be to promote interdisciplinary collaboration among students, alumni, industry, and the Boston community.

So far Accelerate has engaged over 7,570 participants from 1005 ideas as part of interdisciplinary teams. The students received mentoring from over 270+ alumni and professionals and made 170+ connections allowing them to grow and push their ideas forward. To date, 75 teams have been funded for a total of $345,650. 

Inspiration starts here.  

Following your passion and getting inspired seems common sense, but during the day-to-day activities, it is easily pushed to the back burner. However, in order for students to thrive and figure out their future career path, it is so important to find and nurture passion and getting exposed to different ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds. That’s exactly what Accelerate has set out to do with the speakers and mentors we engage in our events.