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Colleges & Departments

Wentworth is more than a collection of colleges. It’s also a rich and closely entwined educational ecosystem, nurturing students whose work lives will be spent envisioning, designing, and building. Whether you’re an undergraduate, a master’s degree candidate, or a working adult, interdisciplinary study allows you to acquire core skills—such as engineering, computer science, and business management—while gaining specialized expertise in your chosen field. Inspired classroom learning, extensive hands-on projects, and paid cooperative work experiences all play a role in launching you on a successful career path. And it begins with our academic colleges and departments.

College of Architecture, Design and Construction Management

Dean: Charles Hotchkiss
Office: Williston Hall 207
Phone: 617-989-4831


Chair: Sharon Matthews (interim chair)
Office: Annex North 114
Phone: 617-989-4455

Construction Management

Chair: Scott Sumner
Office: Annex South 101E
Phone: 617-989- 4259

Industrial Design

Chair: Sam Montague
Office: Annex East 204
Phone: 617-989-4640

Interior Design

Chair: Sean Stewart
Office: Annex South 23-101N 204
Phone: 617-989-4469

College of Arts and Sciences

Dean: Pat Hafford
Office: Ira Allen 320
Phone: 617-989- 4870

Applied Mathematics

Chair: Amanda Hattaway
Office: Ira Allen 319
Phone: 617-989-4368


Chair: Leonard Delosh
Office: Beatty 314
Phone: 617-989- 4336

Humanities and Social Sciences

Chair: Ronald Bernier
Office: Beatty 404
Phone: 617-989- 4353


Chair: James O'Brien
Office: Ira Allen 308
Phone: 617-989- 4426

College of Engineering and Technology

Dean: Fred Driscoll
Office: Rubenstein 207
Phone: 617-989-4135

Biomedical Engineering

Chair: Shankar Krishnan
Office: Ira Allen 115
Phone: 617-989-4266

Civil Engineering and Technology

Chair: Jack Duggan
Office: Annex Central 309
Phone: 617-989-4175

Computer Science and Computer Networking

Interim Chair: Charles Wiseman
Office: Dobbs 144
Phone: 617-989-4704

Electrical Engineering and Technology

Chair: Ali Khabari
Office: Dobbs 206
Phone: 617-989-4124

Interdisciplinary Engineering

Chair: Nakisa Alborz
Office: Rubenstein 202A
Phone: 617-989-4705

Mechanical Engineering and Technology

Chair: Mike Jackson
Office: Dobbs 205
Phone: 617-989-4215

College of Professional and Continuing Education

Dean: Deborah Denise Wright
Office: Dobbs 100
Phone: 617-989- 4256