Thursday, March 16

Students and Alumni
Join us for the Spring 2017 CO-OP + CAREER Fair
3PM - 6PM, Tansey Gym

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By registering, you will receive a professionally printed name tag at the fair.

Do your research before the fair with The Fairs App


The Fairs App is avilable for download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. A desktop version of the app is also available for view from your web browser here

You'll find a comprehensive list of all the employers registered to attend on the app. Use The Fairs App to find employers by your major or by location, and favorite the ones you want to check out. We are updating the app regularly as new employers register, check back often for updates to existing employer profiles and new listings. Download the app early to be sure you have plenty of time to prepare. 

Prepare For The CO-OP + CAREER Fair

In order to help you prepare for the CO-OP + CAREER Fair we’ll be out on the quad with the Leopard Booth and hosting All Day Drop-in’s in the CO-OPS + CAREERS office leading up to the CO-OP + CAREER Fair. Stop by either to have all your questions answered!

Visit us in the Pavilion on 3/1
CO-OP + CAREER Fair logistics
FairsApp questions
Employer information
Basic tips

Stop by All Day Drop-ins on 3/2, 3/13, or 3/14:
Resume review
30 second pitch practice
Networking tips

What Can You Be Doing?

Research the Employers attending!
Use their website, LinkedIn, WITworks posting, & Google to gather information.

Who do you want to talk to?
Make a list and prioritize the employers you want to chat with. Take notes that you can review before your conversation with that employer. If a recruiter has a line, move to the next on your list and circle back. Consider practicing your pitch on employers that are not your top choice, that way when you do speak with them you're feeling even more confident!

Practice your "Pitch!"
Take time to craft and practice your "30 second pitch." Tell an employer who you are and what you are interested in.
Quick tip: end it on a question to really get the conversation started.

What do I wear to the CO-OP + CAREER Fair?
The CO-OP + CAREER Fair is an opportunity to present your best self. Remember, the goal is for the employer to focus their attention on your skills and qualifications. Professional attire is required, plus we will have a LinkedIn Photobooth!

Visit WITwear to borrow free professional attire.
Tudbury Hall, Lower Level Room # 11-020
Mondays - Thursdays 5PM - 8PM
Fridays 12PM - 2PM.  

Check out our detailed guide to working a Career Fair and find additional resources for resumes, thank you notes, and 30 second pitches here.



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