Student Association of Facility Management

The Student Association of Facility Management (SAFM) is a Wentworth sponsored club that encourages members to expand on their knowledge of the Facility Management profession. The students achieve this by participating in events and fund-raisers to network and create valuable relationships with professionals who may serve as future employers. Each SAFM member is required to become an IFMA (International Facility Management Association) member. SAFM members strive to collaborate with IFMA, recognizing how important relationships are with the professionals of the Boston Chapter.

SAFM works closely with Wentworth Institute of Technology’s Student Leadership Program, which helps promote the organization and assists with annual budgeting. Yearly budgets are developed that include school funds, outside donations, fund-raising events, along with matching grants.

The members meet weekly to discuss strategies for events. Every year, SAFM attends IFMA’s World Workplace Conference and Expo, and NeoCon World’s Trade Fair. These trips not only expose SAFM members to the latest technologies within Facility Management, but also allow WIT students to meet students and professionals on a worldwide basis.

The members come together as classmates to help each other achieve personal goals. SAFM serves as a stepping-stone toward advancing the students’ careers. It allows them to create relationships built on professional interests both within and outside of the classroom.

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