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Academic Advising: Students

Your Future, Your Move

Your academic advisor can help you with a wide range of issues and concerns.

Your academic advisor:

  • Helps you recognize the connection between your Wentworth education and your career goals. 
  • Provides you with the tools you need to successfully navigate Wentworth.
  • Recommends courses for registration and can help link courses with career plans.
  • Assists you with identifying your priorities, talents, passion, potential and interests.

How to build a relationship with your advisor:

  •  Find your academic advisor: ask your academic department contact or look them up LeopardWeb.
  • Create a two-way street: don’t be afraid to contact your advisor first!
  • Your advisor will contact you during key times, such as course registration, however, you are expected and encouraged to reach out to get to know your academic advisor.
  • Stop by your advisor’s office, send an email, or make an appointment to talk about how things are going.

Meetings with your advisor:

  • Find out when registration and other important events on the academic calendar occur. To avoid a rushed or stressful meeting, schedule an appointment with your advisor about two weeks before any deadlines. This will give you time to arrange a meeting and reflect on your conversation before making any decisions.
  • Your meetings with your advisor will be more beneficial to you if you are prepared.  Before the meeting, think about what you want to talk about and gather any relevant documents. 
  • Keep a personalized, up to date copy of your departmental tracking sheet and bring it to your meetings. It is also a good idea to be familiar with the student handbook and catalog before you meet with your advisor. 
  • Review degree audit in LConnect for accuracy against tracking sheet. 
  • Your advisor is there to help you, but you are responsible for reaching out to your advisor. Whether classes are good or you struggling, whether you have ideas about co-op or you’re lost, reach out and talk with your advisor regularly.

Want to start a conversation with your advisor but not sure how to begin? 

  • Faculty work at Wentworth because they want to teach, not hide away from students.
  • Ask your advisor questions about the field, past successful students, area of expertise or graduate school and work experience. One great question: What their favorite class to teach is and why.