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Academic Advising: Faculty Guide

Confronting & Referring Student Behavior Issues

The quick reference guide is intended to guide faculty to resources that can help when addressing student behavior issues. (Download Quick Reference PDF)

Public Safety
Phone: 617-989-4444

  • Threat of imminent harm
  • Threats: in person, email, social media
  • Aggressive behavior towards faculty and/or students
  • Student agitated w/ weapon
  • Student not complying with directive to leave classroom/lab/studio
  • Student actively consuming alcohol and/or drugs

Center for Wellness & Disability Services
Phone: 617-989-4390

  • Concern for student’s mental health such as depression/anxiety
  • Concerns about potential self- harm
  • Concerning behavior assumed related to mental health
  • Student requesting additional emotional support

CARE Report

  • Significant behavior changes
  • Attending class under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Concerning behavior such as sleeping, confronting others
  • Noticeable mood swings
  • Conversations around family issues, financial issues, roommate concerns

Academic Department

  • Absenteeism
  • Inappropriate behavior such as phone use, talking
  • Poor academic performance (Recommend The Center for Academic Excellence)
  • Stress related to academics Uncertainty about major
  • Disrespectful emails
  • Inappropriate use of technology (ie. Facebook)

Student Affairs Office

  • Unusual or lengthy Absenteeism
  • Jury duty
  • Death of family member
  • Aggressive behavior without imminent threat
  • Disruptive use of technology (ie. Pornography)