Semester Exchange Programs

Wentworth is pleased to offer several opportunities for students in the College of Engineering and Technology and the College of Architecture, Design and Construction Managment to study abroad through exchanges (whereby students pay tuition to Wentworth). Wentworth has agreements with the following Universities:

Students interested in studying abroad at one of these institutions should read the Process of Studying Abroad through an Exchange. They should first contact their Department Chairs to review curriculum requirements. Once they have decided to study abroad, students should fill out the application on the Colleges of Fenway database. Once accepted, students will have the remainder of the Petiton filled out and complete the steps outlined on the Process.

Construction Management Study Abroad

The Wentworth Construction Management Study Abroad program takes place during the Senior Spring Semester. This program is open to all Constructin Management senior level students and will fulfill all curricular requirements for graduation.

In Waterford, Ireland, students will take classes at Waterford Institute of Technology that will be determined by the Wentworth Consruction Management Department and Waterford. While in Waterford, students live together in shared housing with Waterford students and have free time to travel. 

Senior Semester Courses to be taken during the Study Abroad

  • To be determeind by the Department of Construction Management


Students depart on a group flight to Europe at the end of January and return at the end of April. All students are required to confirm to the group schedule and enroll in all the courses offered.

For contact and more information please vist the Construction Management Department

A student walks across a rope bridge

Faculty Led Travel Courses

Industrial Design & Interior Design Study Abroad

In the 2012 Summer Semester, the Industrial Design and Interior Design programs sent their inaugural group of Juniors to Berlin, Germany to study abroad. Students had the unique experience of being immersed in German culture from daily interactions with their faculty, traveling to and from the classroom and studio space, and visiting sites in and around Berlin.

The first two weeks for the semester students travel through Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and France visiting places such as BMW Welt, Vitra Design Museum, and Ferrari.

While in Berlin, students live in shared apartments and have dedicated studio space. The semester also includes a faculty lead design-focused tour to other cities like Vienna and Copenhagen.

This program is open to junior level students in the design programs and will fulfill all curricular requirements for graduation. The study abroad experience provides the opportunity to travel and study in Europe for the summer semester.

For more information about this program, please contact the Interior or Industrial Design Departments. 


Architecure Study Abroad

Undergraduate Opportunities

The Department of Architecture offers semester-long study abroad options for students in the Bachelor of Science in Architecture program, located in Berlin and Barcelona/Girona. These programs are led by resident architects/Wentworth faculty members. During their time abroad, students work closely with local design and planning professionals as well as with regionally based students and community groups. Intensive travel-oriented coursework gives students additional cultural perspective. The curriculum abroad is fully aligned with required courses in Boston, allowing normal progress toward graduation. The study abroad programs accept a limited number of students by application and are selective. For more information please visit the Architecture Undergraduate Study Abroad website. 

Graduate Opportunities

The Master of Architecture program includes an experiential learning component in the fall semester as part of the Special Topics design studio. This course offers student-focused trips to a variety of sites related to curricular activities. Studios typically spend a week in their destination as part of the ongoing research and design work of the course. The travel experience is integrated into the learning goals of the studio, and projects are typically based in the visited city. Recent destinations have included Los Angeles, Marfa (Texas), New York City, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Kyoto, London, Porto, San Juan, Sarajevo, and Vancouver. For more information please visit the M. Arch travel website

Outside Party Providers

Wentworth students interested in independent study abroad, not through one of the Institute's Faculty-led or Exchanges, may work with Outside Party Providers and the Colleges of the Fenway Global Education Opportunities (GEO) Center.* Students interested in going through an Outside Party Provider will coordinate with Rebecca Bacon and the COF database. To learn more information, please fill out the Study Abroad Advising Form

If you are applying to a program offered by an organization or institution other than Wentworth Institute of Technology, you will need to submit both a Colleges of the Fenway (COF) application and an application to the provider. These two applications will run parallel to each other. When you click the 'Begin Application' button for the program, you will recieve instructions to complete both application forms. Please complete all necessary forms so that you can move forward in your application process and be that much closer to going abroad!

Students will work primarily with the Colleges of Fenway GEO Center, but should first contact their Department Chairs and advisors to review curriculum requirements. Once they have decided to study abroad, please follow the process for student travel with an Outside Party Provider.

*Please note that Wentworth is not responsible for and is not a sponsor or participant in the programming offered by any Outside Party Provider. Wentworth makes no assurances or warranties concerning any programs offered by Outside Party Providers to which students may be referred by the GEO Center. Please be an educated consumer and investigate programs concerning such issues as course content, the policies and procedures of the host institution, housing/food, medical services and safety of the host institution, housing, community and country. Please also note - while the GEO Center is a resource for study abroad through an Outside Party Provider, the Provider has ultimate responsibility for the program.