Advising Students on Study Abroad

Do you have a student interested in studying abroad? Please review this Study Abroad Advising Sheet with them. 

Frequently Asked Questions:


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Faculty Led Trips

Interested in leading a student travel group? 

  • Please submit a trip proposal one year before departure
  • When the proposal is approved, you will need to complete an application
  • Application should include an itinerary and an Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
    • Emergency Action Plan Template
    • Emergency Action Plan Guide
    • Orientation EAP for Students
  • Once your travel application has been approved, please follow this checklist for pre-departure requirements
    • While traveling you are required to have certain documents and information with you at all times. 


Partnership Agreement Process

If you would like to establish and promote a relationship between your department and a different institute please fill out the following document(s):

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