Academic Affairs Governance & Committees

Faculty Federation Agreement

Faculty Senate
The mission of the Senate is to represent all full time teaching faculty members at the institute and to improve the quality of Wentworth Institute of Technology's learning environment.

Curriculum Committee
The Curriculum Committee's mission is to provide guidance and counsel and to make recommendations to the Provost's office on all proposals of programs, curricula, and individual courses.

Promotion Committee
The Promotion Committee is charged by the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost with recommending faculty for promotion in rank to Associate Professor and Professor.

Existing Program Review (EPR) Committee

The EPR Committee, a subcommittee of the Faculty Senate, reviews Wentworth's academic programs.  Approximately four academic programs are reviewed per academic year in order to: 

1) Assist each department in improving their program(s);

2) Assist in accreditation process(es), when possible; and

3) Disseminate its findings to the Faculty Senate and the Provost. 

New Program Review (NPR) Committee

The mission of the NPR Committee is to review the newly developed undergraduate and graduate programs to make recommendations for implementation.  The NPR Committee serves as a subcommittee of the Provost and the Senate.

Institutional Review Board
The mission of the Wentworth Institute of Technology Institutional Review Board (IRB) is to oversee and review all projects that involve human subjects meeting the federal definition of “research” conducted at and sponsored by Wentworth Institute of Technology (“covered projects”) and to review all other projects it deems are appropriate for its review.

Graduate Programs Committee
The Graduate Programs Committee (GPC) was created in July, 2011, to review and make recommendations on all aspects of graduate study at Wentworth.

Sabbatical Committee
A sabbatical leave is granted by the Institute to members of the faculty as recognition of notable service and as a means by which a teacher's effectiveness may be enhanced, a scholar's effectiveness enhanced, and the Institution's academic programs strengthened and developed.