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Graduate Faculty Designation

Graduate Faculty Designation

Procedure for Designating Graduate Faculty

Effective Summer, 2012, all faculty teaching graduate courses will have to hold Graduate Faculty status.  The Criteria for Graduate Faculty spells out the procedure for designating Graduate Faculty.

Designation of Graduate Faculty begins with a nomination from the prospective Graduate Faculty member’s department chair or program director.  To make a nomination, the chair sends the candidate’s resume or CV and a Nomination Form, no later than Midterm week of the semester prior to teaching, to the Associate Provost with responsibility for graduate programs.  Normally, the Associate Provost forwards the CV/resume and Nomination Form to the Graduate Faculty subcommittee of the Graduate Programs Committee (GPC).

The Graduate Faculty subcommittee, consisting of the chair and two additional members of the GPC, reviews each nomination in accordance with the criteria established by the GPC.  If there are doubts about whether the candidate meets the criteria for designation, the subcommittee consults the department/program chair who made the nomination.  The subcommittee may recommend to the full GPC that each candidate should (a) be designated member of the Graduate Faculty, (b) be designated an Associate member of the Graduate Faculty, or (c) not be designated a member of the Graduate Faculty.  The subcommittee must be unanimous in order to make a recommendation to the GPC.  If the subcommittee cannot reach unanimity, the nomination is forwarded to the GPC without recommendation.

At its next meeting, the full GPC reviews the nominations and the recommendations of the Graduate Faculty subcommittee, and makes its own recommendation on each nomination, by simple majority.  The record of subcommittee and committee actions is forwarded to the Provost, who has final authority to designate Graduate Faculty.  The Provost’s Office notifies the nominating department/program chair about the outcome.

In the event that time does not permit the normal procedure to be followed, the department/program chair must still submit the CV/resume and cover sheet to the Associate Provost.  Under extraordinary circumstances, the Associate Provost may make a provisional one-semester appointment to the Graduate Faculty.  The Associate Provost must inform the GPC that s/he has done so, at its next meeting, and forward the candidate’s materials to the Graduate Faculty subcommittee for consideration.  No provisional appointment may be made for (a) a candidate who had a provisional appointment in the prior semester, or (b) a candidate who has been turned down, through the normal process, for designation as a Graduate Faculty member.

A list of Graduate Faculty members is maintained on the Graduate Programs Committee website, and Graduate Faculty status may be indicated in the Institute catalog.  The Associate Provost maintains a list showing terms of appointment for all Graduate Faculty members, and notifies all Graduate Faculty members and their department/program chair of the schedule for reappointment.