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•    The Graduate Programs Committee is the policy-making and coordinating body for graduate study in the Institute.  The Graduate Programs Committee recommends academic policies and procedures to the administration of the Institute and serves as an advisory board to review appeals on matters concerning the interpretation of regulations governing graduate study and the degree programs.  The Committee evaluates trends in graduate education and makes recommendations to the administration concerning the mission of graduate education and the utilization of resources within the Institute to meet the needs of its graduate constituency.

•    In cooperation with the relevant Associate Provost, the Graduate Programs Committee is responsible for implementing guidelines for graduate education and for developing policies and procedures concerning matters such as the following: criteria for admissions and retention of graduate students, courses for graduate credit, membership in the graduate faculty, evaluation of the quality of graduate education, and verification that students have met requirements for graduate degrees.  As of Fall 2016, the GPC is no longer responsible for reviewing and recommending curricula changes or new program proposals.

•    The Graduate Programs Committee helps the Institute to do the following: articulate a vision of excellence for the graduate community; provide quality control for all aspects of graduate education; maintain equitable standards across all academic disciplines; bring an institution-wide perspective to all post-baccalaureate endeavors; provide an interdisciplinary perspective; enhance the intellectual community of scholars among both graduate students and faculty; serve as an advocate for graduate education; develop ways for graduate education to contribute to and enhance undergraduate education; support graduate student services; and serve as an advocate for issues and constituencies critical to the success of graduate programs.