NEASC Reaccreditation

NEASC Self-Study

April 30, 2012

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to share with you a report we received from the NEASC Commission on Institutions of Higher Education approving Wentworth’s reaccreditation for the next ten years, the best possible outcome for this rigorous process. 

In summary, the NEASC Commission commended us for our thorough and candid self-study, which reflected the broad-based institutional participation in this process. The Commission was also very impressed with the Institute’s many accomplishments over the last ten years, including the recruitment and retention of skilled institutional leadership; improvements in strategic and budget planning processes; the creation of effective mechanisms for shared governance; introduction of two master’s degree programs and five new baccalaureate programs; a more data-driven approach to student recruiting, retention, and services; expanded information literacy programming; facilities upgrades and the creation of a residential urban campus; and strong financial stewardship that has resulted in fiscal stability.

Wentworth will submit a five-year interim report to the Commission in Fall, 2016. In that report, we will have the opportunity to brief NEASC on our accomplishments to date, and we will address specifically five matters NEASC wants us to focus on including the following:

  1. Implementing plans for institution-wide assessment of student learning, including assessment of general education, and using the results for improvement;
  2. Achieving our goals to enroll external students in the Master of Architecture program;
  3. Assuring appropriate provision of services to graduate students, given expected increases in the graduate student population;
  4. Completing planned renovations to the library; and
  5. Completing planned improvements to the Institute’s website.

This favorable NEASC reaccreditation outcome was made possible because all the members of our community – faculty, staff, students, trustees, corporators, and alumni – came together to implement our first strategic plan and to prepare thoroughly for this NEASC reaccreditation process. In particular, I would like to express my gratitude to Mike Kupferman for leading efforts related to the NEASC accreditation, Chuck Hotchkiss for his work on our substantive response to the visiting team’s report, the co-chairs for the eleven NEASC standards, and the editorial team. The co-chairs included Keiko Broomhead, Madgy Elabidy, Linda Gallagher, Chris Gleason, Pat Hafford, Andrew Johnston, James Lambrechts, Paul Lazarovich, Marlin Nabors, Susan Paris, Rachel Pike, Russ Pinizzotto, Walter Punch, Jon Ripley, Rick Roberts, Peter Rourke, Gary Simundza, Scott Sumner, Robert Totino, Les Vaughan, Annamaria Wenner, and Brad Wild. The editorial team included Karen Britton, David Downey, Ted Rooney, and Marilyn Stern. They all worked long hours under tight deadlines to put the finishing touches on an outstanding Self-Study Report.

We have much to be proud of at Wentworth, and I look forward to our continued success together.