Meeting Schedule

The first senate meeting of each semester is held directly after the Wentworth Academic Assembly. All subsequent regularly scheduled meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month during the college wide meeting hours. Other meetings will be scheduled as needs require.

Senate discussion topics 2010 - 2011:

  • Colloquium - "Education our Students for the Future"
  • Course scheduling
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB), Policy and Procedures
  • Board of Trustees, Academic Affairs Subcommittee - Faculty Senate representation
  • Recruitment of Female Students
  • Registrar's Office under Provost's Office
  • Curriculum Committee Policy and Procedures
  • Senate redistricting under new College structure
  • Senate Selection of Bistline Grant Committee
  • Proclamation for Richard Fontaine
  • Resolution for Frank Spada

Senate discussion topics 2009 - 2010:

  • Colloquium
  • Travel budget 
  • Definition of Faculty Governance / Strengthening Shared Governance
  • Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series - support/feedback for CTL
  • Notifying Students During an Emergency
  • Organizational Structure of Institute
  • Scheduling
  • Service Learning
  • Bio-Medical Engineering Program
  • Professor Emeritus - Guidelines for granting Emeritus status and services provided
  • Support of Visiting Fulbright Scholar (Andrew Johnston)
  • Graduation With Honors

Senate discussion topics 2008 - 2009:

Colloquium 2009: Academic Technology Advisory Committee, (ATAC) propose a colloquium that focuses on teaching pedagogy as it relates to technology and the current generation of technically savvy students (millennials). Previous proposal under consideration is for a colloquium dealing with community/service learning.

Increasing the travel budget (increased airfare, car rental and related costs; very poor international exchange rates) .

Addressing Faculty diversity

Advocating for at least one academic dean (to deal with helping faculty publish and advance, to be a presence at national agencies and accreditation organizations, and to represent the faculty at PAC.

Service learning and community engagement as part of promotion process

Classroom space ...we have a shortage of classroom space

Senate contacts with Board of Trustees (education subcommittee) have had no contact for 3 years

Adjuncts & retention...most freshman have adjunct faculty teaching them English comp...

Define Governance at Wentworth

Real assessment of college success program (FYE)

Senate discussion topics 2007-2008:

Advising System
OIT issues: response time, sending emails to multiple sections, equipment, faculty support
Colloquium 2007: Connections and Collaborations
First Year Experience “for credit” course changed to a seminar
Faculty/Administration lines of communication - monthly meetings with the President Established Through 12/2009
Registrar/Faculty relationship- classroom assignments, Monday holidays
Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series “The Senate supports and sponsors the Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series and encourages all faculty to participate as speakers and as an audience.”
Discussions with the President:
-FYE, faculty governance - “the Institute needs to utilize the collective experience of its faculty to inform its academic decisions”
-Curriculum committee - procedure for all course proposals
-Advising system - evaluate
-New faculty hiring - appropriate degree requirements
-Online course evaluations - original faculty committee intent skewed, formal evaluation required
-Faculty morale
-Faculty involvement with Institute issues lacking
-Meeting with Board of Trustees education subcommittee