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2016 Accelerate Teams



MyoThirm: Brianna Lee (BSME ’16), Pam Mudge (BSEN ’16), Evan Allwarden (BSME ’16), Paul Blanco (BSME ’16). Myothirm is an electrically heated foam roller that expedites the athlete’s rehabilitation process by combining the benefits of myofacial release and heat therapy.


Deven Hansen (BSEN ‘16), Emily Dillon (BSEN ’16 /Minor in BSM), Scott Houtchens (BSEN ‘16/Minor in Computer Science). Mass Transit wash monitoring device.


Tyler Nelson (BIND ’17), Dakota Baird (BIND ’17), Julie Marquis (MGD ’16), Scott Oullette (BELM ’17), Justin Voytek (BIND ’16), Katelyn Jobes (BELM ’18).  An innovative cycling safety light designed to better define the space of the rider.

LUX Solis

Anna Timchenko (BIND ’16), Erica Amato (BSME ’17)
Light therapy lamp.



Erik Shaw (BELM ’16), Kevin Ung (BELM ’16), Pablo Vasquez (BELM ’16), Rio Kondo (BELM ’16), Bryan Yergeau (BCOS ’16), Zach Farrer (BCOS ’16), Jack Baker (BCOS ’16), Evan Fagerberg (BCOS ’16), Matt Harrison (BIND ’17). A walker with camera and sensors to assist in gait training physical therapy.

Steele Design

Devin Steele (BSA ’16), Harsh Patel (BEET ’16). E-Farm is a modular, floating, autonomous tree farm designed to produce high quantities of saplings for replanting.