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2015 Accelerate Teams


MD & GH Contact Casing

Mike Dibernardo (BCM ’19), Greg Hurley (BBME ’17).  Developing a contact case that will minimize eye infection caused bacterial growth by simplifying the maintenance.


Chris Auld (BBME ’16), Kevin Babineau (BBME ’16), Nick Poplar (BBME ’16), Jorge Reyes (BBME ’16), Ben Waltuch (BELM ’16). The ESI Catheter port is a simple solution designed to increase stabilization comfort and ease in the patient’s daily life.

Peek Seek

Alex Stokes (BCOS ’16), Pat Hanley (BIND ’16). The revolutionary online music sample store for musicians with a built in audio sequencer/drum machine.

Close Friends

Tristen Cary (BSM ’16), Andrew Amorelli (BCOS ’16), Neil Hanlon (BCOS ’17), Anthony Amorelli. Matches you with people in your are and allows you to immediately video chat with them.


Alpha Industries

Josh Willis (BSE ’17), Greg Frasco (BCOS ’16), Ryan Cataldo (BSME ’17), Caleb Jackson (BEME ’18) To design and build a modular aircraft system.


Jace P Valls (BMED ’17), Luis A Mata (BMED ’17), Adam Zapotok (BIND ’17) A revolutionary aquatic therapy device.


Tyler Nelson (BIND ’17), Dakota Baird (BIND ’17), Julie Marquis (MGD ’16), Scott Oullette (BELM ’17)  An innovative cycling safety light.


Deven Hansen (BSEN ‘16), Emily Dillon (BSEN ’16 /Minor in BSM), Scott Houtchens (BSEN ‘16/Minor in Computer Science). Mass Transit wash monitoring device.

Cutting Edge

Lisa Angulo (BSA ’15), Johanna Jehring (BIND ’15), SweThee Kale (BIND ’15), Adam Nilsson (BSM ’15), James Burroughs (BIND ’16) 3D Printing and laser cutting retail experience and services.


Alpha Industries

Josh Willis (BSE ’17), Greg Frasco (BCOS ’16), Ryan Cataldo (BSME ’17), Rae Rice (Fine Art-SMFA ’17), Caleb Jackson (BEME ’18), Wending Li (BIND’ 16) Alpha Industries is dedicated to improving both the efficiency and ease of cargo and passenger flight, opening new markets and methods for nearly every industry imaginable.


Jace P Valls(BMED ’17), Luis A Mata (BMED ’17) A simple and portable product to help rehabilitate those with diminished walking abilities.

Board Secure

Joseph Beliveau (BSME), Gregory Butterworth (BELM) We are taking the standard bike rack or skateboard rack, and maximizing the space and safety for their members’ belongings.


Tyler Castle (BSEN ’17), Peter Backus (BSEN ’17), Nathanael Regis (BELM ’17), Matthew Peirce (BBME ’15) A self-contained breathing apparatus designed to greatly improve survivability in a fire emergency.

Delta X

Caityln Richmond (BSME ’18), Kenneth Andrade (BSEE ’18), Stephanie MacDonald (BMED ’17) Body movement tracking system.

EK Tape

Pabel Perez-Gonzales (BSCE ’17),Patrick Pfenning (BSAM’17), Elizabeth Priolo (BMED ’17), Justin Rivera (BMED ’17) A unique, cost effective and medication free alternative to mainstream joint and muscle pain relief.


Greg Affsa (BIND ’15), Ben Nadeau (Alumni BELM) Providing Freedom and Mobility for Outpatient Infusion Treatments


Bram Grooten (BSAM ’17) Scott Kauppinen (BCOT ’18) Adam Supino (BIND ’18) Provide a platform for people to help each other recognize songs, so they can also enjoy the music later on.

Kick Fly

Young Colin (BSCM ’16), Capoccia Justin (BSM ’16) Ymeri Donald(BSM ’15) Our vision focuses on creating high quality fashionable sunglasses constructed out of 100% recycled plastic, with a simple modular design.

Kugler Engineering, Inc

John Kugler (BSME ’15) Mike Hann (BSME ’15) Kugler Engineering Inc. aims to change racing as we know it by producing an electric conversion kit for Dirt Midget race cars.


Ryan Korsen (BELM ’19),Tyler Nelson (BIND ’16), Ken Costa (BSCO ’18), Alexan Topalain (BMED ’17) Luminovations’ HD projector is both modular, adaptable and inexpensive.


Andrew Breiter-Wu (BSCE ’17), Salvatore Cherone(BSCE ’17), Semuel Dacaj(BSME ’17) A portable device to filter water using the sun’s energy.


Ben Greenier(BCOS ’15), Matt Michaud(BCOS ’15), Ken Bousquet(BSM ’15), Taylor Rosenblum(BSME ’15) Partify is a hardware component and software platform for crowdsourcing music at a party, bar, or social event.


Caleb Jackson (BELM ’18), Joseph Beliveau (BSEN ’17) Ponics is a start up focused on aquaponics and their impact on everyday living.


Alec Boyle (BMED ’17), Logan O’Donnel (BSME ’17), Stephen Frazier(BSME ’17) A device that notifies weather a piece of gym equipment is in use.

Zen Biometrics

Alex Schwarzkopf (BELM ’15), Dylan Powers (BELM ’15) Mathew Joyal (BELM ’15), Jennifer Joyal (BELM ’15) Head impact monitoring and performance tracking for amateur athletes.