Start Up Challenge

The Startup Challenge helps Wentworth students turn their ideas into reality.

The focus is on the learning experience! Innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit are livelong skills regardless if you are starting your own company or not – you’ll become more desirable to companies.

More than 4040 engaged participants participated over since 2012/2013. 300+ interdisciplinary teams formed ideas and students were connected with 80+ Alumni and professionals from Boston’s ecosystem. We conducted nearly 80 events, which are all open to everybody and 30+ mentors engaged.  So far, 50 teams were funded for a total of $183,750.

Our belief is that inspiration happens everywhere, but particularly where you don’t expect it. Creating workshops and events that allow students to leave the beaten or predictable path for their disciplines is encouraged and intentional. That’s why we make sure to bring in amazing individuals with a story that is non-linear and full of possibilities. This is what contemporary careers are – explorations following a passion!

We want this for our students – follow your dreams, explore, and have fun while doing so.

Students presenting their startup idea to an audience.