Social Innovation Lab

The social innovation lab [SIL]  is a collaborative effort between Accelerate and the Center for Community and Learning Partnerships.

It allows students to apply their product and technology innovations to problems that need to be solved, in areas that are relevant, and to impact communities and individual’s lives.

We launched SIL on May 20, 2013 as a pilot Co-op program. Five students from five different disciplines tackled five challenges. The range of problems and solutions that were floating around was quite diverse. From preventing homelessness and effective recycling systems to stroller re-designs and support mechanisms for individuals with disabilities and patients undergoing strenuous treatments.

Workshops and events took place and are always open to the public and everybody is invited to get inspired, collaborate, engage, and ideate on how to change the world by addressing small and large problems with systemic reach.

Social Innovation Lab team gives a presentation