2015-2016 Course Catalog: Final Examinations

Final examinations are given in all courses during the scheduled examination period as published in the academic calendar. The final examination schedule is published on LConnect and students are responsible for consulting it. No student should make travel arrangements to return home that conflict with his or her examination schedule. Students who schedule a departure without so clearing their schedule risk failure in their final examination(s).

Students must complete the final examination on the scheduled day. However, no student will be required to take more than two final examinations on the same day. A make-up day is scheduled at the end of the final examination period (as published in the academic calendar) to accommodate students in courses with final exam conflicts. The Department chairs involved will determine, if necessary, which final examination will be required to be rescheduled on the make-up day. Students who experience a medical or personal emergency may follow the procedures outlined in Incomplete Grades on page 63.

Should a student fail a course, no make-up final examination will be given. The only way a student can retake a final examination in a course is to retake the entire course.

Final Examinations 2015 - 2016 Course Catalog, Wentworth Institute of Technology

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