2015-2016 Course Catalog: External Courses

Matriculated students may seek approval to take a first or second year course at another institution. Permission to take a course at another institution must be received prior to taking the course. A Course Substitution form must be submitted, along with a current catalog (or copy of pertinent sections) from the institution where the course is to be taken with the course description and credit hours to the curricular department chair. The curricular department chair determines if the course content and credit hours are equivalent to the Wentworth course. The department chair then approves or denies the petition. After completing the course, the student must arrange for an official transcript to be sent to the Registrar’s Office. In order for the credit to transfer, the student must receive a final grade of “C” (2.00 out of 4.00) or better in that course. The course must be taken at a regionally accredited institution and in some cases from an accredited program.

Students may not use an external course to replace a failed Wentworth course. Courses failed at Wentworth must be repeated at Wentworth.

External Courses 2015 - 2016 Course Catalog, Wentworth Institute of Technology

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