2015-2016 Academic Catalog: Withdrawal From a Course

Students who withdraw from a course, after the end of the drop/add period and before the published deadline for the last day to withdraw, will receive a W recorded in the grade column of their academic transcript. To withdraw from a course after the drop/add period, students must obtain the Course Withdrawal form in the Student Service Center, obtain the signatures of their instructor and academic advisor and submit it to the Student Service Center no later than the deadline published in the Academic Calendar. (Under extenuating circumstances the department chair’s signature may be substituted for the academic advisor’s signature.) Students will not be permitted to withdraw from courses after the published deadline. Students who are still registered after the published deadline will receive a final grade for the semester. Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawing from a course.

Students are advised that withdrawing from a course may prevent them from achieving good academic standing for that term and thus place them on academic probation or dismissal. Additionally, withdrawing from a course may impact a student’s financial aid package and may extend a student’s graduation date. International students who wish to withdraw from a course are required to obtain the written permission of the International Student Advisor in the Student Service Center.