2015-2016 Academic Catalog: Readmission

Any student who wishes to be readmitted to Wentworth is required to submit a Change of Major or Readmission form to the appropriate academic department chair. The petition is reviewed by the academic department and, if accepted, signed by the academic department chair. Academic department chairs are not required to approve petitions if, in their opinion, a student will not succeed academically.

Courses taken previously that are not accepted are listed on the back of the change of major form and are removed from the student’s GPA. Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 once readmitted.

Readmission is not guaranteed. Students cannot be readmitted to programs that have been discontinued. Students requesting readmission to a major that has undergone substantial change since they matriculated may not get credit for all of the courses they have taken. Credit for courses taken more than ten years prior to the student’s readmission is not allowed. This policy applies to courses taken at Wentworth as well as those taken at other schools.

Students seeking readmission into a baccalaureate program in CPCE are not normally admitted if they need 12 or more credits of prerequisite course work. Students in this situation are counseled to pursue an associate degree program.

Any course used to satisfy the requirements for an associate degree cannot be used to satisfy a course requirement in the junior, senior, fifth (or CPCE fourth, fifth, or sixth) year of any baccalaureate program. If a course is duplicated in the baccalaureate program, a substitute course must be selected.

A student who has been academically dismissed (see Academic Standing) is eligible to petition for readmission to their academic department chair after one semester has elapsed from the time of dismissal. Readmission is not guaranteed.

Students wishing to be readmitted submit a Change of Major or Readmission form to their academic department chair. If the academic department chair determines that readmission is viable, no individual course grade lower than a C (2.0) will be accepted.