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Academic Advising: Introduction Template

This template is provided to help you initiate contact with new advisees via email.

First Introduction Email Template

Dear advisee name:

Welcome to Wentworth Institute of Technology!

My name is xxx, and I am your advisor for your xxxx degree at Wentworth.  I am looking forward to meeting you at the start of the semester to welcome you, find out a little about you, and introduce you to your program of studies. I will be helping you with your program questions, course selections, and especially with your registration for spring term classes--a process which begins in October-November.  

Would you please email me and suggest a good day/time for you to meet with me between [ dates ]? That will give you time to settle into the rhythm of the semester and be able to get an idea of how courses are going for you. My class schedule is listed below, but I also am willing to schedule other days/times.  In the meantime, if you have any questions or need some help, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Enjoy these final days before classes and have a great start of the academic semester next week.

All the best,

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