Shared Governance at Wentworth

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Institutional governance in higher education has come under scrutiny in recent times and as a result of these conversations has undergone substantial change in recent years. From this national dialog, the philosophy of shared governance has emerged as the consensus “best practice” in the industry. As part of its ongoing fiduciary responsibilities, the Wentworth Board of Trustees has recently engaged in facilitated dialog amongst its members to become informed with respect to the principles of shared governance and to understand and assess the current state of institutional governance at Wentworth. As a result of this effort, the Board at its November 16, 2017 meeting passed a resolution “…directing the President and Provost to create a Task Force led by the Provost for Shared Governance to develop recommendations for next steps in achieving a shared governance future.”

In response to the Board’s directive, and with the support of President Pantic, the Provost has announced the launch of a community-wide initiative to define, build consensus and establish a plan to develop a unified model of shared governance that best aligns with Wentworth’s long-standing educational mission, the guiding principles of the Leopard’s Oath and the Board’s commitment to the highest standards of fiduciary responsibility.

Background and Documents

To learn more about shared governance, please visit the Association of Governing Boards (AGB) at

More documents, reports, and resources will be forthcoming.

Steering Committee

To guide and coordinate this process to a successful outcome, a Steering Committee will be constituted shortly with member representation from each stakeholder group, the AGB senior fellow and the Provost. Further details regarding the workshops will be forthcoming, as will additional plans for ongoing inclusive and transparent dialog and considerations that will lead to convergence on a best-fit, unified model for shared governance at Wentworth.