Our Faculty

Faculty Information:

  • Student to Faculty Ratio: 15:1
  • Total number of FT Faculty 158
  • Total number who are women 43
  • Total number with Doctorate or other terminal degree 106

Faculty Updates: 

The following faculty and staff received mini-grants from the College of the Fenway's (COF) Davis Educational Foundation. Seven proposals were awarded by the COF committee and five of these had co-authors from Wentworth Institute of Technology. The following proposals were funded: 

  1. Colleges of the Fenway “Entrepreneurial Sustainability” Certificate Program
    Jack Duggan and colleagues from Simmons College ($13,000)
  2. The Development of a Health Humanities Major for COF Undergraduates
    Ron Bernier and colleagues from Emmanuel, MCPHS, Simmons, and Wheelock ($15,000).
  3. Colleges of the Fenway (COF) Health, Science and Technology Incubator
    Durga Suresh-Menon and colleagues from MCPHS ($13,700)
  4. Development of the Colleges of the Fenway Undergraduate Research Center
    Erik Miller and colleagues from Emmanuel, MCPHS, and Simmons ($15,000)
  5. Colleges of the Fenway Student, Faculty and Institutional Community Building around Entrepreneurship Education and Training – a Four College Proposal
    Michael Mozill & Santiago Umaschi, and colleagues from Emmanuel, MassArt, and Simmons ($13,630)

The Presidential EPIC Mini-Grants Committee received a total of 10 applications from 23 faculty members and 9 outside collaborators.  The committee members set very high standards for these awards. They focused on ensuring that the applications met all of the indicated criteria and that the intended projects would provide a significant impact on Wentworth students and faculty. Five of the applications have been funded. They are, as follows:

  1. Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle. Aaron Carpenter, Peter Rourke, James O’Brien, James McCusker ($5,000)
  2. Bio-propane. Chris Brigham and Greg Sirokman ($4,880)
  3. A Wearable Neckband for Continuous Monitoring of Blood Pressure to Diagnose and Control Cardiovascular Disease. Hamed Salehizadeh, Ali Kiapour, Jiahui Song, Xiaobin Le, and Mira Yun ($4,920)
  4. Low Cost Brailler Typewriter Design -Phase II.  John Voccio and Simon Williamson ($4,960)
  5. Smart Cities: Intelligent Transportation Systems. Memo Ergezer and Tugba Arsava ($4,984.72)

To learn more about the faculty's grants, scholarship and projects please visit the EPIC website page