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Graduate Education at Wentworth

Faculty gather after lecture to share ideasThe charge by the Provost for the Ad hoc Community Committee on Graduate Education is to plan and implement a series of open forums this academic year that will allow the campus community to engage in the sharing of ideas and perspectives about the future of graduate studies at our university. For additional information please see the links to resources below. 

Campus Meetings for Spring 2018

In February, the Ad hoc Committee met with the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Architecture, Design and Construction Management, and the College of Engineering and Technology. These meetings have been a way to directly hear from the faculty about graduate education specific to their college and department. On Friday, April 13, the Ad hoc Committee will meet with Admissions and Student Services Offices followed by a meeting with the Faculty Federation President on April 17 at 4 pm.

Follow-up Questions to Open Forums

What kind of marketing investment is required to support enrollment targets for online/hybrid programs? 

  • There is no simple answer to this question. Schools are not obliged to report marketing spend, and there are lots of definitional inconsistencies that hamper straightforward comparisons. (Eduventures 10/11/17)

How does looking at the educational requirements (more so the years of experience/career experience) factor into the growing trends of grad education?

  • Admissions requirements that play up academic performance and play down career experience will result in a particular applicant pool, and may limit enrollment growth. (Eduventures 10/11/17)