Office of Sponsored Initiatives

Required Procedures

The following will be the required procedures for faculty and staff seeking to apply for a grant from a governmental source:

  1. Schedule an initial meeting with Kelly Parish, Director of Academic Operations, to discuss the project idea. 
  2. If it is determined that a project idea is feasible for potential external funding, the faculty and staff member will be required to fill out a Project Notification Form and to write a one to two-page White Paper that outlines the scope of the work, resources needed, project personnel, the benefits and justifications for undertaking the work, the anticipated budget, and a project time line.
  3. Thereafter, the Project Notification Form and the White Paper will be submitted to and reviewed by the relevant Department Chairs, College Deans, and the Provost for institutional approval and authorization. 
  4. If the potential funding source is determined to be a government agency, then Kelly will work with the faculty and/or staff members from that point forward. (If the potential funding source is determined to be a corporation or foundation, then members of the Corporate and Foundation Relations team will work with the faculty and/or staff members from that point forward. Please contact Lori Friedman if help is needed.)

Office of Sponsored Initiatives – Pre-Award Staffing

Wentworth will assist faculty in the following area:

  1. Pre-Grant Administration – Reviewing the myriad requirements for each governmental agency and RFP; working directly with faculty members to ensure that the proposals, budgets, and all attached documentation comply with all governmental and internal Wentworth requirements; and having the authority to upload and submit all completed applications to the various governmental agencies.

Office of Sponsored Initiatives – Post-Award Staffing

If a governmental grant is awarded to Wentworth, either Kelly Parish or Lori Friedman will work with faculty members and will provide programmatic oversight--making sure that progress is being made according to the proposed timeline of the grant and that deliverables and reporting procedures and deadlines are being met. Staff in Wentworth’s Finance Department will provide financial oversight to make sure that the funds are being spent according to the proposed and accepted budget. 

Office of Sponsored Initiatives – Minimum Funding Levels

In order for Wentworth to fully recover the costs connected with these efforts, the following minimum limits on any governmental grant proposal submitted by Wentworth will apply: The minimum dollar amount to be requested will be $100,000 and the minimum time frame for a grant will be one year.