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What is ThingLink?

ThingLink is an award-winning education technology platform that makes it easy to augment images, videos, and virtual tours with additional information and links.  Please take a moment to watch the product tour video to learn more about this exciting tool that we added to our academic technology toolkit.


Product Demo - ThingLink

Possible Uses

  • create accessible, visually rich learning experiences
  • helps students become fluent in using multiple forms of media to express themselves inside and outside the classroom
  • create engaging, interactive virtual tours
  • Explain details of works of art, models, images or videos
  • supports collaborative editing and the creation of courses & assignments
  • Student projects for remote learning
  • Teacher Training
  • and more...  for example, 10 project ideas for developing student' creativity and digital storytelling skills

How to get started

Take a moment to watch this brief video that demonstrates how to access and log in to ThingLink.

Step 1: Access the ThingLink website at

ThingLink Step 1, 2 diagram

Step 2: Click Log in

Step 3: Click on the Windows icon to log in with third party services via our Single Sign On process. 
Note: Please Do NOT enter your email and password in the field provided to access your ThingLink account.

ThingLink Step 3 login
You will arrive at your ThingLink My Media page as shown.  That's it.  Welcome to ThingLink!

ThingLink folder


Find answers to common questions & how to contact the ThingLink team.



Using the ThingLink Editor

Uploading Content

Publishing ThingLink Content

Didn't find what you were looking for?  Please take a moment to explore the ThingLink support site for additional helpful resources.

For more information

Please contact Learning Innovation & Technology for assistance using this product in your course.  Email, stop by Beatty 318, or call 617-989-5428.