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The Digital Accessibility Committee has partnered with the Library and Learning Commons staff to create a guide of resources for faculty and students. This guide provides information on how to create accessible digital content and use accessible features when using digital software and technology.

What's in the guide

As digital technologies become ever more ubiquitous, accessibility becomes ever more important. The purpose of the Libguide is to point you to some resources and tools that will enable you to design and use digital products in a more accessible way. The resources listed in the guide are divided into two broad categories: for creators and for users. Check out the guide.


If you are creating a document, spreadsheet, slide presentation, or other digital content, follow the link "Resources for Creators" in the guide to find out how to design your content in a more user friendly way. The "Resources for Creators" page will be especially useful for instructors who are looking to make their courses (syllabus, course handouts, lectures and PowerPoint slides) accessible to a broader audience.


If you would like to find out what kinds of accessibility features are built into your Windows laptop, MAC laptop, Android or iOS smartphone, or want to know what other kinds of technologies can assist you with using digital technology, use the link "Resources for Users" in the guide.

Accessible Math Resources