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Wentworth has taken proactive steps towards digital accessibility which include:

  • Entering into purchasing agreements with vendors only if the product is deemed accessible per federal electronic information technology accessibility guidelines (Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973),
  • Providing closed captions for all public-facing videos, course-related and instructional videos, as well as providing transcripts for auditory materials (benefits people who are deaf/hard of hearing, people with ADHD, people with auditory learning disabilities, people who prefer to learn visually or both auditorily and visually)
    • We are drafting a caption process and workflow
  • Ensuring all electronic text is readable via screen reader and text to speech software for people who are blind/low vision, people with ADHD, people with print-based disabilities, people who are auditory learners or who prefer to learn both auditorily and visually).
    • We implemented for Spring 2020 Blackboard courses a tool called Ally that provides alternative download formats for content items and gives faculty feedback with tips on content accessibility to make lasting improvements.
    • Visit the Institute Curriculum Committee Forms webpage for an accessible syllabus template and instructional video walking through the accessibility features.