Mission, Vision & Values

Strategic Planning at Wentworth: A Message from the President

Building on the many successes we achieved through Wentworth’s last strategic plan SP 1.0 (2007 – 2012), we have launched the implementation of our new plan – SP 2.0 (2013-17). We have charted an ambitious course as we continue to grow as a leading institution in preparing our students for successful professional careers. At the core, Wentworth prepares our students for career success through experiential learning. Our students learn by doing, and they are very successful not only in getting that great first job but also staying competitive throughout their careers. We express the essence of this educational model as -- Do. Learn. Succeed.

At Wentworth 2012 was a year of planning as a wide cross-section of the Institute’s community developed an exciting shared vision, re-expressed our values to reflect the Wentworth of today, and created a new strategic plan to guide us through the next five years and beyond. Our shared vision,values, and strategic plan were approved by the Board Trustees in November 2012.

We have mapped our strategic plan on to a Strategy Map that reflects the five overarching strategic initiatives we are pursuing:

  1. Creating transformational educational experiences;
  2. Embracing a culture of innovation and creativity;
  3. Positioning and promoting Wentworth;
  4. Enhancing institutional resources; and
  5. Engaging, empowering, and recruiting a diverse Wentworth community. 

Within these five strategic initiatives, we have identified eighteen strategies to achieve the goals of this strategic plan. I have appointed a cross-divisional Strategy Realization Team (the SRT) comprised of faculty, staff, and students to work on achieving the goals for each strategy. I would like to extend an invitation to you to provide your feedback on the strategic plan implementation and to help us achieve the goals we have set for ourselves over the next five years by contacting the SRT.

We built this strategic plan as a community, and we will implement our strategy as a community as well.  Please help us build a better Wentworth!


Zorica Pantić, E.E., Ph.D.


Wentworth's core purpose and mission is to empower, inspire and innovate through experiential learning. 


Wentworth’s vision for the future is to become nationally recognized as the university of choice for externally-collaborative, project-based, interdisciplinary learning.

Core Values

At Wentworth, our core values reflect that we are student-centered, that we are passionate for real-life, hands-on teaching and learning, and that innovation and creativity are at the center of what we do. We express these three core values as Students first – The world is our classroom –Thinking without a box.