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Blackboard has many capabilities beyond storing content and grades. Integrated into Blackboard are adaptive release features that allow you to provide students with more personalized learning experiences. Release content to students when they are ready for it, or provide remedial materials when needed. Use mashup tools to create different content types to better target different learning styles and increase accessibility. Tests and question pools can be used not only to assess student learning but also to create self-assessment opportunities to help students identify weaknesses. Use groups to help students develop team skills.

Adaptive Release

Adaptive Release allows instructors to customize content for their students. Based on a pre-test, release remedial material to those students who need it. Or, release your content based on when students need to see it to avoid overwhelming them at the start of the term. 

Tests, Surveys, and Pools

Tests and Surveys can be used in a variety of ways to assess student learning. Use Surveys for formative assessment to see what your students know (or don't) before presenting a topic. Use question pools to create tests where each student receives a different set of questions. Use tests for self-assessment so students can determine whether they understand the course material or need to review further.

Discussion Boards, Wikis, Blogs, and Journals

Discussion Boards, Wikis, and Blogs can be useful ways to engage students in collaborative learning. Journals provide a safe space for students to share reflections on learning with an instructor. All of these tools are asynchronous so permit student response on their timetable. All of the tools can be made gradable.


One component of EPIC Learning is group work. Blackboard's Groups feature provides students with tools and spaces accessible only to members of the group and can be used to facilitate EPIC Learning. 

Grade Center

Blackboard's Grade Center can calculate your grades and present a running grade to students so they know how they are doing throughout the term. In addition the Grade Center can be customized to help you work more efficiently and to help you identify students performing poorly. Blackboard's inline grading workflow allows instructors to digitally grade and return work to students.

Customize your course site

Although we create courses based on a template, you can change your course site depending on your needs.

Mashups, Building Blocks, and LTIs

Blackboard is the central hub for academic technologies. We have integrated many tools into Blackboard to make it easy for instructors to use a variety of media and tools in their courses. These integrations also make it easy for students to access the tools you want them to use in your courses.

Statistics Tracking

Blackboard can track who access content items in your course and when. This information can be useful as you revise a course.

Blackboard Utilities

Some Blackboard tools just make life easier. If you teach the same courses each year, consider copying or exporting content. Once you've copied content you may need to adjust dates in the current term. With Date Management, you can do this on one screen.