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Blackboard Overview

As a new user of Blackboard, you probably want a fast, easy guide to get your course set up in Blackboard. At Wentworth, we have applied templates to all course sites created in Blackboard. For Day courses we've applied a basic template supporting uploading a course syllabus and setting up a basic grade book for face-to-face courses. For courses in the Center for Professional and Continuing Education, we've applied a template to support hybrid and online courses. If you want to use a template for a specific pedagogical approach see the Use a Template section on the Master Blackboard page to see what templates we've developed or how to get a custom template applied to your site.

All templates include support links and documentation for both students and faculty. Most include sample content that is invisible to students that include instructions on how to create similar items and pedagogical reasons for inclusion.

Blackboard has tools to foster group work and collaborative learning such as blogs, wikis, group workspaces, discussion tools, and group assignments. Assessment can also occur in Blackboard using Blackboard tests, assignments, graded discussions, blogs, wikis, and journals, 

Blackboard is also our hub for academic technology tools. You'll find integrations to allow you to easily link to many resources and tools such as:

  • VoiceThread discussions
  • GoToMeeting
  • Turnitin 
  • Panopto

For the complete list of tools that are integrated into Blackboard see our Academic Technology tools list.

Access Blackboard

Access Blackboard and log in using your Wentworth email address as your username and your email password for the password.

Using Blackboard for face-to-face courses

At Wentworth, all instructors are urged to use Blackboard as a repository for the course syllabus and other documents as well as a grade book where students can check their grades. Blackboard is also a useful place to create and send announcements to students. Future plans include integrating the grade center with Banner to permit easy grade upload at midterm and end of the term.

Other ways you can use Blackboard with face-to-face courses

LIT offers a Blackboard Essentials self-paced course for instructors. This course provides instructors with an overview of course set-up using a template to provide students with consistent structure across courses. Contact Ron Frattura to enroll.

Setting up hybrid and online courses in Blackboard

The Center for Professional and Continuing Education offers courses in hybrid and fully online format. Continuing education instructors have support from the Center's dedicated instructional designer as well as from the Director of Faculty Services. LIT provides support and training of day and continuing education instructors as they develop their online and hybrid courses in Blackboard. A Blackboard template for continuing education courses is applied to all courses and provides the approved structure for all continuing education courses. Also included in the continuing education template are supports for using the template and using Blackboard. 

To learn more about teaching online:

  • Sign Up for ELI I & II - Teaching Online - Contact Ron Frattura to register
  • Sign Up for Blackboard Essentials self-paced online course for instructors - Contact Ron Frattura to register
  • Meet with one of our instructional designers to discuss the process of online course design