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Creating Items and Uploading Files in Blackboard


In the Blackboard environment, you have the option to create new items and upload files to your course. Items can be added to your course and contain anything from text to pictures and videos and sometimes many of these components all at once. The term Files refers to single already pre-prepared documents that are uploaded to your course directly from your computer.

Create an Item

  1. In order to add an item to your course, first make sure Edit Mode is on.
    Edit mode
  2. Next, click on the name of the content area on the course menu where you want the item to appear.
  3. Inside the content area you will see the Action Bar with Build Content, Assessments, and Tools dropdown menus.
  4. Hover over the Build Content dropdown. The dropdown will expand with many options. Build content menu
  5. Click on the Item selection under the Create heading.
  6. At this point the Create Item page opens.
    Content info
  7. In the item information section you give your new item a title, type or paste in text, attach files, and set item availability. When you are finished scroll to the bottom or top of the page and click the Submit button.

If you are adding files where you need to include instructions or context, use the create an item option and add text to provide instructions or context and attach a file to the item. 

Adding Files to your course

If you just want post a file and do not need to set the context, using the File option rather than the Item option from the Build Content menu is a simpler option. 

  1. Again, make sure the Edit Mode is on.
  2. Select File from the dropdown menu under the Create heading.Create file
  3. The Create File page will open.
  4. Provide a name for the item, select the file from your computer, set the file option to open in a new window, and set any availability restrictions.
  5. Click submit to upload the file to your Blackboard course.