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Once you have created a structure, collected materials and links, create assignments and discussions you won't want to start from scratch the next time you teach the same course. Using Course Copy you can copy all, some or a few elements of a course to the next term's shell saving you time.

To copy a course follow the steps below:

Note: You must be in the course that has the content you want to copy to start the copy process.

  1. In the course that you want to copy, go to the control panel and click on the Packages and Utilities section to expand it.
    Course control panel showing Packages and Utilities section
  2. Click on Course Copy under Packages and Utilities
    Course Copy item selected under Packages and Utilities
  3. Select Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course
    Copy page showing copy into Existing course selected
  4. Click Browse to select the Destination Course
    Course Copy page showing target course selection
  5. Click on Select All or choose parts of the course you want to copy. Then deselect Navigation Settings under Settings (to avoid creating duplicate menu items)
    Course Copy page showing copy options
  6. Select Copy links and copies of the content
    File Attachment section of course copy page
  7. Do NOT select Include Enrollments in the Copy
    Course copy page showing enrollments not selected
  8. Click Submit
    Submit button