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Class of 2025 "Seek and Find" Selfie Hunt!

Text in front of blurry photos asking, "Can you find all ten locations?"

Before you attend the First-Year Convocation on Tuesday, October 5th at 4pm, we challenge you to complete our very own "Seek and Find" adventure. We selected ten spots around campus where you will find a picture with a QR code. Scan the QR code with your phone, and you will be asked to upload a picture of yourself. Take and upload a selfie at all ten locations and attend the convocation to be entered into a raffle where three students chosen at random during the event will win a $100 Amazon Gift Card and some Wentworth SWAG!


Here Are The Clues!


1. I am the Wentworth’s “valiant warrior” mascot. I was unveiled in 2003, and I stand at 6ft tall. What am I?


2. I am the founder of Wentworth Institute of Technology. Where is my portrait located? 


3. I have three laboratory areas: machining, metal fabrication, and a foundry. I teach students the principles of material removal, from basic manual operations through the most advanced computer aided manufacturing (CAM) processes. Where am I?


4. I am one of two labs named after the Frank A. Casella 1991 Charitable Trust. I am the only place on campus that can create ethanol. Where am I?


5. This awards wall of athletic honorees includes familiar names like J. Joseph Tansey, Eugena L. Sweeny, and Miles E. Sweeney. Where am I?


6. I house electrodynamic and hydraulic testing equipment, a fatigue tester, an impact tester, electronic strain gages, and more. Where am I?


7. I can handle all of your 3D printing needs. Where am I? 


8. I was made possible by Alum and Honorary degree recipient Edward J. O’Leary (‘48) and his family. I have access to a weather station. Where am I? 


9. I am a former engineering project. I demonstrate different types of steel fasteners and concrete reinforcement techniques. I may be near the Fluids Lab. What am I?


10. My renovation was finished in 2016, but part of me still exists from 1967. Where am I? 


**Some clues lead to classroom or labs that students do not have access to without a professor's permission. We are not asking you to trespass into these classrooms. A photo outside the door is acceptable. 

Find and Upload a Selfie at all 10 clue locations before Sunday, October 3rd at 6:00p.m. for your chance to be entered into a raffle where three students will be chosen at random during the event to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card and Wentworth SWAG! You must attend the First-Year Convocation on October 5th to be eligible to win. 



For any questions about the first-year convocation or the "seek and find" selfie hunt, please email Director of Events, Linda Werman, at Good luck!