Installing Navisworks on Windows

Licensing Navisworks 

  1. Download and Run the Autodesk Navisworks installer package from LeopardWeb.
  2. Windows may attempt to block the installation, so click “More info” and then “Run Anyway”

  3. Click next to begin the installation
  4. Click next to uninstall any installed versions of Autodesk Navisworks
  5. Click next again to start the installation of Autodesk Navisworks
  6. Click run to launch the installer
  7. If a compatibility dialogue appears, click “Run the program without getting help.
  8. The installer will begin to install Autodesk Navisworks. If any more compatibility windows open, select “Run without getting help” for each of them.

10. This window will appear shortly after the install, however the installation is not complete.

11. Many different windows will appear to install different parts of Autodesk Navisworks and its dependencies

12. Once the “Installation Progress” windows disappear, Autodesk Navisworks is installed and you are ready to borrow a license for off-campus use.