Installing Keyshot for Windows

Licensing Keyshot for Windows

  1. Download and run the Keyshot package from LeopardWeb.
  2. Windows may attempt to block the installation, so click “More info” and then “Run Anyway”

  3. Click next to begin the installation process
  4. Click next to uninstall previous versions of Keyshot
  5. Click next to launch the installer
  6. Click run to start the Keyshot installer
  7. The installer will launch and begin to install the software
  8. Click next to continue

10. Read the EULA and agree to the terms by clicking “I Agree”

11. Keep the default selection and click Next

12. Keep the default value and click next

13. Keep the default value again, and click Install

14. The installer will now install Keyshot

15. Command line windows may open, they can be ignored.

16. Wait for the installer to finish installing Keyshot. Then click “Finish” to open Keyshot

Licensing Keyshot on Windows

  1. Open Keyshot. It may ask you to specify the License Server System or the License File. Select “Specify the License Server System” and click Next      
  2. Enter as the License Server System
  3. Click finish to continue into Keyshot
  4. Keyshot should open, and you can now proceed to borrow the license.
  5. Go to Help->Borrow Floating License
  6. Select a date for the license to be borrowed. Keyshot licenses can be borrowed for a maximum of 180 days
  7. Click OK, and the license will be borrowed.