Reporting SPAM or Phishing email

Reporting SPAM (unwanted) or Phishing (malicious) emails to Technology Services and Microsoft is easy and takes just a few clicks. See the steps below which are tailored to different ways which you may access your inbox.

Additionally, you can learn how to block a distracting sender or manage the amount of messages you receive.

Outlook for PC

Select the offending message and click the "Junk" button to report the message in one action. Select "Report as Junk", "Report as Phishing", or "Block Sender".


If you use Outlook for PC and do not see the drop-down menu described above, please contact the Help Desk for further assistance or use the Outlook Web Access directions below.

Outlook for Mac

The Mac version of Outlook currently does not support the junk reporting plugin. We reccomend following the Outlook Web Access directions below, even if you normally use another client to read your email.

Outlook Web Access

Go to the "Junk" menu and select either "Report Phishing" for messages attempting to obtain your password or "Report Junk" for other unwanted messages.


If you click Phishing, the email will be forwarded to the appropriate security team. If you click Junk, you will receive the following popup:


While Office 365 already quarantines email that is likely SPAM, reporting a message as junk helps Microsoft improve the service.

On your Mobile Device

At this time there is no integration with mobile apps for spam reporting, even if you use the Outlook app. We reccomend keeping the offending message to report through web access when you are able.